Participate in our Christian Comedy and Talent Showcase

Participate in our Christian Comedy and Talent Showcase

Participate in our Christian Comedy and Talent Showcase

Roseland Christian Ministries is a ministry that offers several programs and opportunities to help the Roseland Community. They have a women's shelter and a thrift store that offers goods for low prices to help the community. In addition, Roseland Christian Ministries have a home rehab-sector where they purchase homes within the Roseland South Side community and give families the option to "rent-to-own" or rent for low monthly payments. They have a thriving church ministry, and center for the youth as well as other inner-city outreach programs that are sure to lend a helping hand to those in need. 

We are seeking Christian comedians, "clean" comedians and special, talented, bright, outstanding, and compassionate individuals to volunteer and showcase their God-given talents at our November Christian Comedy and Talent Showcase that will benefit Roseland Christian Ministries efforts to keep their women's shelter, youth development programs, home-renewal and other community outreach programs open in the Roseland Community throughout this year and 2014.

If you are a "Christian Comedian," a "Clean Comedian, " meaning you are willing not to curse, use sex jokes, and other materials that may be offensive and/or inappropriate to some guest at the event, for example children and church folks; poet, dancer, author, singer, storyteller, acrobatic, praise dancer, drummer, musician, actor, comedian that do improv comedy, group or solo performer and any other talented person who wants to showcase their wonderful gifts and give back to help change lives in the heart of Roseland community, we will be honored to have you as our special featured performer at our fundraiser showcase! This will be a great opportunity to perform before family, friends, and the awesome and inspiring Roseland community! In addition, you will receive publicity during our advertising campaign for our showcase as a featured performer.

If you are interested in showcasing your gifts and talents for this awesome event in order to change the lives of deserving families in need of help within the Roseland Community, please feel free to send us 1 video of your performance(s) that is 1 minute or longer (Note: We just want to see what you can do don't worry about it being too long). Please, give us and so many deserving families the opportunity to be amazed and inspired by your talents and gifts. 

This will be a timed event, 3 - 4 hours long so we will have to choose a certain amount of performers we feel will be great for the November show in the time allowed, so please don't be discouraged if you were not chosen this time around! We are not going to turn anyone down; we have hopes to contact those we did not choose for our November show to perform for any future shows before this year is over! We will contact you by phone or email if you are chosen for November's show or a future show. So please keep a look-out for our call or email, whichever one you prefer. 

Come and bring all sorts of talent to be loved and shared among many! We are seeking the following volunteers to perform who are willing not to curse, use sex jokes, and other materials that may be offensive and/or inappropriate to some guest at the event, for example young children and church folks! Please view the below list for further details:

Christian Comedians (Please no cursing, sex jokes, etc.)

Clean Comedians (Please no cursing, sex jokes, etc.)
Comedians that do improv comedy (Please no cursing, sex jokes, etc.)
Artists (Paintings, drawings, original creations, etc. Please nothing with a sexual nature, etc.)
Praise dancers
Sketch writers and performers
Solo performers
Group performers (Choirs, bands, dance teams, etc.)
Spoken Word
Did we miss anyone? No worries. Anything you can do that you want to share with others to support this great cause will be awesome and considered!

Please send your video submission (1 minute or longer) and any questions or concerns to the above email address listed at or near the top of this page. Put the words "Comedy and Talent Showcase Auditions" in the subject line. Include your name, phone number and email address ( Note: All groups should include the name, phone number and email of the contact person for the group, as well as the name, phone number, and email address of each individual that will be performing in the group.) 

Video submissions will end on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 11:59pm, so you don't want to be left out! Please contact us today and join us for a spectacular changing- lives- event that will be sure to leave a lasting positive impact on all who will be involved. Thank you and we'll see you at the November Christian Comedy and Talent Showcase!!! May God bless you richly!!!
Please email us at if you want to connect with our ministry.

Check out these videos for more information about the Roseland Christian Ministries community out reach efforts to improve the Roseland community and the inner-city families.
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Participate in our Christian Comedy and Talent Showcase

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