Help Clara’s House and Zacceaus Shelters

Clara’s House and Zacceaus Shelters needs your support

Help Clara’s House and Zacceaus Shelters

There are two compassionate not- for- profit organizations in the city of Chicago that's making a difference in the lives of men, women and children every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I desire to help these organizations because they are changing the lives of homeless men and battered women everyday- giving them and their children food, shelter, encouragement and resources to help transform their lives and reach their God-given destiny and potential. The two caring organizations are Clara’s House in the Englewood community & Zacceaus House in the Roseland community. (Please note these organizations are not affiliated with each other.)

In addition, both of these shelters have wonderful, loving and amazing people that are in need of a lot of things, some who are working while they are living in the shelter. (Yes there are people who are employed, yet homeless!!!) So a portion of proceeds will help purchase a used and reliable car for one person with a job that lives at the housing/apartment section of Clara's House. One reliable vehicle will be purchased under $5,000, and will be purchased by the organization and given over to a tenant they feel will benefit from having a vehicle to help them get to- and- from work, school, church, doctor appointments- whatever!

In addition, that person will receive a $2,400 Gas card that will help them pay for gas estimated for about 24 weeks/6 months at $100 per week (24wks x $100.00 = $2,400.00).

All I ask is for you to give whatever you can to support this LOVE MOVEMENT and ALL proceeds WILL go to benefit all these lovable and deserving people- our fellow sisters and brothers in need.

Here's some information about the organizations below:


Clara Kirk, CEO, President & Founder

1650 West 63rd Street

Chicago, IL 60636

Deacon Alfred Coleman II, Director/Chair
12242 S Parnell Ave
Chicago, IL 60628

Visit this website for your donation

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Clara’s House and Zacceaus Shelters needs your support

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